Digitizing the traditional retail supply chain in emerging markets

At Quqo, we are on a mission to unlock the full potential of retailers, suppliers and distributors operating in traditional B2B channels by empowering them with our suite of digital products and services.

How we achieve our mission

Leveraging our strengths in building scalable technologies to simplify the ordering process, streamline distribution workflow management, and enable real-time data insights.

Delivering a better cost to serve by optimizing productivity of sales operations.

Accelerating digital transformation through our agile organizational structure and experience team with over 30+ years in tech & international markets collectively.

For Stores

For Distributors and Retailers

A fully integrated suite of digital solutions to optimize traditional trade channels.

Optimize your sales force and logistic operations

We offer our clients digital tools to access real-time data, manage sales and logistics routes, and optimize customer service functionalities.

Manage your distribution workflows and inventory

We integrate our clients’ ERPs with our DMS to provide complete visibility and management of sales and stock at the distribution’s end,

Activate digital commercial actions

We facilitate the procurement process for stores by enabling clients to improve sales through trade management commercial actions in our Quqo app.

Generate market and consumer insights

We offer a business intelligence platform for clients analytical needs.

Reach more retailers with Quqo Marketplace

Brand agnostic, one-stop shop for retailers to order what they need, when they need.

  • Increase coverage of long-tail retailers
  • Reduce cost-to-serve
  • Strengthen brand positioning & product visibility

Optimize sales force productivity with Qrew.

With our sales force automation solution:

  • Plan and optimize visit routes and schedules with our AI-powered algorithms
  • Discover new prospects nearby and log any leads
  • Accurately capture orders, even when offline
  • Run in-field customer information gathering, identity verification, data hygiene, and profile enrichment
  • Never miss a detail with step-by-step store surveys
  • Monitor and manage your sales rep performance

Full visibility of your distribution operations with Qdms.

The backbone of your operations:

  • Manage catalog, inventory, retailers, and suppliers from an all-in-one solution
  • Automate and monitor distributor workflow and activities for optimized operational efficiency
  • Monitor stock levels to reduce sales opportunity loss
  • Streamline all processes like ordering, invoicing, promotions, and pricing
  • Track performance of sales reps

Hear why customers use Quqo!

" Từ ngày đặt hàng với Quqo, tôi nhập được đa dạng hàng hóa mọi lúc, sản phẩm đảm bảo, giá cả tốt giúp tôi tối ưu được công việc kinh doanh. "

Anh Phong
Tạp Hóa

" Giao hàng ổn định, hỗ trợ rất nhanh. Tôi không còn mất thời gian chờ đợi, đi đến tận mỗi nhà phân phối để mua, chọn hàng như trước. "

Chị Lan
Tạp Hóa

" Được nhân viên sale hỗ trợ thường xuyên, tôi lớn tuổi nhưng vẫn có thể tự đặt hàng dễ dàng. "

Tạp Hóa

" Được nhân viên sale hỗ trợ thường xuyên, tôi lớn tuổi nhưng vẫn có thể tự đặt hàng dễ dàng. "

Tạp Hóa

" Thường xuyên có chương trình giá tốt. Nhập hàng tốt hơn, thu được lợi nhuận nhiều hơn cho việc kinh doanh của cửa hàng. "

Cô Hoàng
Tạp Hóa

" Giao diện dễ hiểu, đặt được nhiều mặt hàng từ các nhà phân phối khác nhau trong 1 đơn. Anh đã đặt hàng ở nhiều app nhưng vẫn hài lòng nhất với Quqo. "

Gia Huy
Tạp Hóa
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